The Help Us Rise Initiative

An aid and relief effort to embrace and help the people of Beirut recover and rebuild their homes, livelihoods, and lives, that were shattered after the massive devastating explosion that destroyed swathes of the capital city on August 4, 2020.

The story

On the 4th of August 2020, one of the biggest non-nuclear blasts in history hit Lebanon’s capital city Beirut, inflicting widespread devastation and causing immense suffering. Miami based philanthropist and businessman of Lebanese origins, Thomas G. Abraham, reached out to friends and alliances around the world so that they join hands in offering aid and relief to the people of Lebanon through the Help Us Rise initiative.

During its first year, the initiative was supported and managed by the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, chaired by Thomas G. Abraham. A year after the blast, he founded The Beirut Foundation to respond to the increasing crises Lebanon is facing. Today, the Help Us Rise initiative is managed by The Beirut Foundation as one of its main projects.

We cannot achieve our mission on our own. With your support, our projects and initiatives to aid Lebanon and its capital city Beirut can make a significant difference for those in desperate need of help. Change lives by donating today.

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