We are an independent nonprofit that strives towards a better life for the people of Lebanon.

Our mission is to serve the people of Beirut and Lebanon, and to provide them with the needed support so that they may have a chance at a better life.

Beirut Foundation
the Beirut Foundation

In a time when Lebanon is suffering from multiple crises, The Beirut Foundation was born to offer aid and relief to those struggling to survive and meet basic economic, social, security, educational, and healthcare needs through various initiatives, projects, and collaborations.

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Many times throughout history, Lebanon and its capital city Beirut have risen from the ashes of wars and disasters, and have stood tall as a symbol of culture, peace, diversity, and acceptance in the Middle East. We believe that this beautiful nation will once again rise, and triumph over all the hardships and tragedies it faces today, with the help of its resilient people, and its faithful friends around the world.

We cannot achieve our mission on our own. With your support, our projects and initiatives to aid Lebanon and its capital city Beirut can make a significant difference for those in desperate need of help. Change lives by donating today.

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